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ANKER’s global network of construction resources facilitates the effective mobilization of skilled construction teams and advanced methodologies around the world. ANKER has extensive experience with local considerations and managing culturally diverse workforces.

As the construction manager on a project, ANKER secures labor through carefully selected subcontractors that have a proven history of safety performance, execution excellence and commercial success.

Construction Services

ANKER has experts in field construction execution, including constructability, performance engineering, rigging, welding, software systems and modularization.

ANKER maintains a database of craft personnel who have worked on both domestic and international projects. ANKER assigns craft personnel to construction projects based on qualifications and availability.

The company supports the needs of construction projects for entry-level and upgrade craft training, welder training, craft certification and supervisory training. ANKER uses training materials developed specifically for the construction industry.

Onsite craft training focuses on two major areas: assisting new workers in developing their skills and progressing from entry-level helpers to journeyman-level status and providing resources for skill and knowledge development/upgrade to journeyman-level workers.

Mobile Equipment and Tool Solutions, including Site Services, Fleet Services and Equipment Distribution

For more than 30 years ANKER has provided integrated mobile equipment and tool solutions to construction, mining, government and industrial clients around the world. By bringing together the right combination of people, practices and assets, ANKER offers extraordinary expertise in sourcing, procuring, delivering, managing and maintaining vehicles, construction equipment, tools, supplies and consumables. To better serve global clients, ANKER is organized into three business categories.

1. Construction Site Services provides mobile equipment, tools, site planning, equipment maintenance and supplies to help capital construction projects increase productivity, reduce costs and duplication, standardize equipment and tools and finish on time and under budget.

2. Operations Fleet Services reduces overall operating costs and improves the efficiency of mobile equipment and fleet operations, allowing clients to redirect key financial resources and personnel to their core businesses.

3. Equipment Distribution focuses on equipment renters and buyers in Mexico and Central America, providing the sales, rental, parts and service of new and used equipment.

ANKER offers a flexible approach to fabrication solutions with a range of fabrication options to fit Clients’ specific needs. ANKER’s comprehensive knowledge of EPC and Project Management (PM) allows ANKER to optimize Clients’ overall fabrication and construction configuration for cost and schedule advantages.

Early fabrication design to improve constructability

Modularization-specific designs

Focused material and equipment procurement planning to support off-site fabrication

Advanced sourcing methods

Global market knowledge / Global purchasing volume

Supply chain / Logistics / Expediting

Quality control / Quality assurance

Environmental benefits to Clients

ANKER has an established global network of fabrication suppliers to provide engineering, fabrication, module assembly and construction services to Clients worldwide.

Onshore, Subsea & Deepwater

Compliant Towers
Gravity-Based Structure
Jackets and Hulls
Pipe Racks
Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM)
Pipeline End Terminals (PLET)
Power / Utilities
Process Modules (MOPU)
Subsea Manifolds/Modules
Tension Leg Platform

Onshore, Refineries LNG, LPG, Chemicals

Downstream Process Modules
Enhanced Vendor Pre-assembly
Marine Terminals & Decks
Modular Trestles / Jetty
Pipe Racks
Power / Utilities
Pressure Vessels
Process Modules (MOPU)
Upstream Process Modules


Box Towers
Bridge Decks
Marine Terminals & Decks
Power / Utilities

Mining & Metals

Leach Plants
Marine terminals & decks
Power / Utilities
Pre-assembled Conveyor Modules
Solvent Extraction Plants
Tank Farms
Thickening Plants
Water / Wastewater Treatment

Pharmaceutical & Biotech

Buffer Hold
Buffer Prep Modules
Fully Modularized Buildings
Power / Utilities
Product Tank
Tank Farms

Power & Energy

Pipe Racks
Process and Utility System Modules
Tank Farms
Transmission Towers / Lines
Water / Wastewater Treatment

ANKER Provides Global Construction Services to Support Clients' Capital Projects

ANKER supplies Clients with execution services for all project phases with experts in field construction execution, including constructability, craft certification, industrial relations, modularization, rigging and welding services. ANKER provides input into construction scope to optimize construction activities and to offer cost saving suggestions during all project phases. ANKER is also available for project problem resolution in the field.


ANKER’s constructability program integrates comprehensive construction competence into each phase of a project, from early project planning through engineering and procurement, to construction and start-up. When implemented at the front end of a project, this expertise enhances performance throughout all project execution phases. Experienced planning and execution supports the efficient use of minimum/just-in-time inventory and can reduce the project schedule.

Controlling project costs requires detailed planning and decision making during the earliest project phase. Changes become increasingly expensive to make as the project progresses. Studies by industry groups, such as the Construction Industry Institute (CII), demonstrate that implementing a constructability program early in a project can result in a 10:1 benefit-to-cost ratio.

ANKER’s proficiency in creating “virtual facilities” using interactive, 3D modeling tools provides Clients with a real-time, walk-through simulation that facilitates the ability to jointly review and address potential issues of constructability, operability and maintenance at the early stages of the project.

Construction Automation

ANKER has invested extensively in developing a highly integrated set of construction automation tools to enhance work planning and efficiency in the field. From real-time visualization software and weld tracking tools to work packaging programs and mobile solutions.

Craft Certification, Licenses and Permits

Craft Certification - ANKER’s Craft Certification program provides a means of identifying qualified journey-level craft workers, foremen and general foremen. The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) assessments are used to evaluate the knowledge of an individual in a specific craft. Individuals who pass the written NCCER assessment receive the nationally recognized certification through NCCER.

NCCER’s performance verification and test instruments are designed as tools to assess the skill level of a journeyman-level worker. Individuals who successfully complete the NCCER written certification assessment and the performance verification will receive the Certified Plus certification through the National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP).

Licenses and Permits – ANKER’s provides the necessary licenses to execute projects in diverse locations. Each project and location may have different permitting requirements and ANKER can assist clients to obtain necessary permits in the specific country in which the project is delivered.

Industrial Relations

ANKER’s Industrial Relations team evaluates and mitigates domestic and international labor or employment issues to promote and maintain labor harmony at all project locations. Through regional analysis, the group determines various labor posture approaches and makes sure working conditions comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those applying to craft compensation, employee relations, collective bargaining agreements and community relations.

Sustainability and Construction

ANKER works closely with Clients to develop a systematic approach to implement sustainability on their projects. ANKER's sustainability mission envisions meeting the needs of ANKER's clients while conducting business in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner. Learn more about Sustainability at ANKER.


For more than 30 years ANKER has been an industry leader in the use of modular construction. Modularization execution begins during a project’s conceptual design phase as a coordinated effort that encompasses all EPC project functions. ANKER provides modular construction and construction management services from design, through module assembly and transportation, to erection and final turnover. Following the conceptual design and detailed design phases, ANKER’s modular teams manage and coordinate the various suppliers, subcontractors and assembly yards needed to construct and test the modules. ANKER arranges for loading, transport and unloading of the assembled modules including barge, ship, rail or over-the-road transport.

Rigging Services

ANKER retains highly experienced rigging specialists who assists projects with rigging plans, studies, detailed design of rigging attachments, consultation, technical subcontract selection and management. Rigging plans and analysis for a project usually result in significant savings through efficiencies, construction equipment savings and avoidance of costly problems and accidents.

Welding Certification and Services

All welders performing ASME/NBIC code work are required to be qualified and certified in accordance with the original code of construction and ASME Section IX. Welder qualification test records (WQRs) are available at the site of the welding. The project quality representative assures only qualified welders perform code work. The quality representative also assures all welders performing code work have reviewed the applicable weld procedures (WPSs) for the work to be performed. The test WPS used for the qualification of welders is selected based on the anticipated WPSs to be used in production, including welding processes, joint thicknesses and diameters to be welded. To requalify, due to expired ANKER certification(s), testing may be reduced, provided a record of the previous qualification is available.

ANKER Constructors

ANKER Constructors International Inc. is the union craft arm of ANKER Corporation, providing construction management and direct-hire construction expertise.

ANKER Provides Project And Program Management Services on Complex Projects

Our ability to provide one-stop-shop project solutions for our clients is a key differentiator in our sector and a powerful vehicle for delivering outstanding value to our stakeholders.

ANKER’s project execution systems and tools are used at all global offices to maintain consistency in the delivery of each project. Knowledge OnLine is a repository and forum that allows employees to access information and technical experts to solve problems from any location around the world.

All of ANKER's projects are managed in accordance with the general requirements of the company’s Operating System Requirements (OSR), ANKER’s quality document that outlines how projects are managed to ensure successful delivery.

Projects OnLine is part of the ANKER suite of tools.

ANKER uses Projects OnLine, a project collaboration and document management tool for engineering, procurement and construction management services projects. ANKER’s project execution solutions are a set of highly integrated processes used across all phases of a typical EPC and maintenance project. The solutions are enabled by a solid, data-centric foundation that enables multi-office and multi-party execution and rule-based automation.


Program & Project Management


Commissioning, Operation &

Engineering &

Construction & Fabrication


ANKER has a quality program that has been ISO9001 certified. The program applies to both self-perform and project management construction work. The ANKER Quality Control Manual is used at all jobsites and details the quality activities of ANKER personnel for both self-perform and contract management projects. A quality manager is assigned to each project and is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the quality program.

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Programs

ANKER’s construction organization has a deep commitment to the health and safety of employees in the field and to safeguarding the environment. ANKER’s construction expertise is evident in its exemplary safety record. According to the Construction Industry Institute, ANKER’s total case incident rate is significantly better than other industry members. This fact is impressive considering the number of people and hours worked on project sites, the challenging locations of some projects and the complexity of the facilities ANKER builds. Learn more about HSE at ANKER.

Open and Union Labor Postures

ANKER is one of the few EPC contractors with the ability to successfully execute projects under multiple labor posture approaches that include open shop/direct hire, union under either a direct hire or construction management basis, or construction management/merit shop. ANKER is active in virtually all geographical areas and labor climates. . ANKER has a 30-plus year history of performing work in each labor posture approach.

Self-Perform Construction

Self-perform is ANKER’s baseline construction execution platform and engages local resources directly employed by ANKER. When using self-performing construction, ANKER manages resources on the company’s payroll. This approach enables maximum control of critical-path and fast-track construction while also providing cost and performance benefits.