Anker Projects
Supplier Quality & Expediting

ANKER Supplier Quality & Expediting is a corporate organization dedicated to monitoring supplier quality and on-time delivery for all ANKER projects globally.

These quality and schedule experts are part of ANKER’s overall program for quality and compliance but with responsibility to interact and work directly with suppliers during the acquisition cycle. ANKER Supplier Quality & Expediting reinforces ANKER’s proactive approach to resolve potential issues and help suppliers deliver consistent value, in a timely manner.

ANKER Supplier Quality & Expediting is engaged in a host of activities, all of which involve monitoring the processes of ANKER’s suppliers and their sub suppliers in order to receive the properly “built to spec” materials and equipment on time. Sound knowledge of industry codes and standards is required to identify non-conforming quality and manufacturing issues before they have a chance to impact a project. ANKER Supplier Quality activities include pre-award survey/audit assessment, source surveillance and post award survey/audit assessment in both prime supplier and sub supplier facilities. These activities are planned and executed on ANKER projects for the purpose of determining supplier capabilities, identifying non-conforming materials/equipment prior to shipment and verifying the effective implementation of Supplier Quality Assurance programs.

ANKER expediting activities include visiting prime supplier and sub-supplier shops to obtain shop schedules, expedite work progress, anticipate and assist in the identification and resolution of potential and actual problems and report back progress and issues to our projects. Typical services that our expediting professionals provide are:

Schedule management
Engineering drawing and documentation status
Material receipt
Fabrication progress
Preparation for shipment
Developing solutions to resolve production bottlenecking

If you have any questions about ANKER Supplier Quality & Expediting or need to reach out to ANKER about a current or future issue related to material quality requirements, please write to