Anker Projects
Business Ethics
ANKER is committed to the highest standards of business ethics.

Fair treatment

ANKER employees are expected to act fairly at all times. This includes not allowing undue external factors to interfere with the implementation of our fair treatment policy and avoiding actions that might create a perception that suppliers or contractors have “a friend at ANKER” who could exert improper influence on their behalf.

No misrepresentation

Honesty is an integral part of ethical behavior and trustworthiness is essential for strong, lasting relationships. ANKER employees may not misrepresent themselves, including their level of authority, or the company to anyone. We expect the same of our suppliers.

Proprietary and confidential information

ANKER respects the confidentiality of proprietary information received from suppliers and contractors and ANKER employees will not improperly use or disclose such information. Likewise, when suppliers have access to information that is proprietary to ANKER, we expect them to protect and maintain its confidentiality as well.

Gifts and entertainment

ANKER chooses its suppliers and contractors based on the quality and value of the goods and services that they provide. It is ANKER’s policy to never solicit or accept gifts or gratuities that may influence or appear to influence an ANKER employee’s decision in the selection of bidders for the supply of equipment or services. Therefore, suppliers and contractors should refrain from offering anything to ANKER employees. Modest promotion items may be acceptable but all gifts that exceed nominal value, are given to improperly influence an ANKER employee or otherwise, are prohibited by law and will not be accepted by ANKER or its employees.

Conflicts of interest

Employee participation in outside activities should not infringe on an employee’s ability to do his or her assigned ANKER job and may require advance approval. ANKER employees may not, as a general rule, be a supplier to ANKER or work for a potential supplier while employed by ANKER.

Raising ethics or compliance questions and concerns

ANKER suppliers, subcontractors and other third party business partners can ask questions about our Code of Conduct or report any suspected misconduct.

Ethics Policy

A basic component of ANKER’s policy on business conduct is of course compliance with law. The ANKER group of companies and its employees are subject to and must comply with all applicable laws in the country in which they do business. The same applies to our suppliers and subcontractors. Although some ANKER policies are based on legal requirements, others embody our company’s broader commitment to ethical business conduct.

ANKER procurement policy on business ethics

ANKER is committed to the highest standards of business ethics and corporate compliance. It is ANKER’s policy to only deal with organizations whose ethical standards are similar to our own, as stated below. The purpose of this document is to give you a sense of our standards of conduct. We also encourage you to review carefully the complete text of ANKER’s Code of Conduct.

To whom does it apply?

Our Code of Conduct summarizes the standards of conduct that guide our actions. It applies globally to all ANKER employees as well as to members of the board of directors, agents, consultants, contract labor and others when they are representing or acting for, or on behalf of, ANKER. We seek customers and partners who share our values and standards of conduct and we expect our partners, subcontractors and suppliers worldwide to be guided by these principles as well.