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Current information about sources of supply and services

This site provides the most current information about sources of supply and services to our Procurement and Contract personnel worldwide.

If you supply materials or provide services that we are likely to purchase (see What We Purchase), we invite you to register your company and update that information periodically. The more complete and current your company’s information in our global database, the more visible your company will be to our projects.

Why register?

Registration places your company in our database of suppliers and contractors and gives your company visibility among procurement professionals working on our projects worldwide. In addition to providing us general information and qualification documents, you have the ability to search for specific active projects and express your company’s interest and value proposition in a report sent directly to the project team.

Your registration login credentials (email and password) will also be used to access bid packages on-line via our eRFP website if you receive an invitation to bid.

If your company currently serves, or has served in the past, a project undertaken by ANKER or its Canadian affiliate, Bantrel, you can find performance and market share metrics as a result of these engagements. If ANKER is a new prospect for your company, we recommend you take the Inside Track tutorial describing how best to do business with our organization.

Registration and also expressing interest in a project using the Project Opportunities feature helps provide visibility of your company to active projects. It also provides the names of project contacts. It does not automatically place you on a potential bidders list. ANKER does not maintain a company wide “formal” approved bidder list. Bidders are pre-qualified independently for each project based on project-specific needs. You will only be contacted by a ANKER project to review your qualifications when you are being considered for work on a project .

Getting started

To register, it is necessary for your company to have previously registered with Dun and Bradstreet and obtained a DUNS number. The person registering your company must have a valid email address, which will be used as his/her access ID to the Portal. If your company is already in our supplier/contractor database, you will be asked to contact us for assistance and verification.