Anker Projects
Sustainable Solutions
We promote sustainability with our efforts to execute projects with excellence

Delivering higher quality through sustainable procurement

We promote sustainability not by any single activity but rather by the totality of our efforts to execute projects with excellence. By improving the sustainability in the equipment, materials and services we procure, we are improving the quality of our projects by helping to protect people and the environment, promote economic development and partner with communities and society.

We require our suppliers and contractors to comply with all applicable national legislation, export-import compliance, regulatory requirements and project-specific sustainability requirements established by our customers. They are also required to be consistent with relevant external sustainability principles and guidelines with regard to:

Respecting labor rights and fair working conditions, including the right to association, where legal and worker safety
Prohibiting and eliminating all use of forced or child labor
Practicing non-discrimination in recruitment, hiring, training and promotion

Our sustainability expectations may vary depending on a contractor’s scope of work, site-specific context, or when special conditions or commitments already exist. Suppliers and contractors may be required to respond to bid specifications and/or submit, prior to starting work, specific plans for addressing particular sustainability aspects, such as:

Implementing a working environment that protects the health and safety of workers and communities consistent with ANKER’s standards and relevant external principles and guidelines
Executing programs for sustainable design and purchasing, including goods made with recycled content, reduced toxicity, or that meet “eco-label” standards
Providing security services in a manner that respects human rights and consistent with international security and human rights principles
Engaging with indigenous peoples, other vulnerable groups and cultural heritage consistent with ANKER’s standards and relevant external principles and guidelines
Supporting our customer’s stakeholder engagement, including grievance procedures and reporting

Suppliers and contractors will be evaluated favourably in bid evaluations by demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of, and ability to respond to these and other sustainability aspects.

For more information, visit ANKER’s requirements for suppliers and contractors in Business Ethics, Supplier Diversity and Environmental, Safety & Health.